Monday, June 9, 2008

Civil Service Reform Law

"A basic bill on civil service reform was passed into law Friday after the ruling coalition parties and the Democratic Party of Japan approved it during the plenary session of the opposition-controlled House of Councillors.

"In response to the enactment of the law, the government will within a month set up a task force to promote and implement civil service reform, to be headed by Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda.

"The basic law is aimed at improving coordination among ministries and agencies in implementing government policies and reducing the influence of bureaucrats.

"Following the enactment of a set of laws aimed at restricting the practice of amakudari during an ordinary Diet session last year, the basic law lays down a comprehensive policy to reform recruitment and personnel management systems over the next five years.

"Amakudari is a practice in which high-ranking bureaucrats land cushy jobs at public corporations or private companies that they previously oversaw.

"The Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito and the DPJ jointly made some revisions to the law before Friday's upper house vote.

"The government will establish within a year a cabinet personnel affairs department under the Cabinet Secretariat."

By Yomiuri Shimbum (6/7/2008), Link to article (last visited 6/9/2008)

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